The Science Behind Why Cats Love Boxes.

The Science Behind Why Cats Love Boxes.

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The Purr-fect Mystery: Unboxing the Science Behind Why Cats Love Boxes

The Science Behind Why Cats Love Boxes.

Picture this: you’ve just received a big package in the mail. You open it up, expecting your feline friend to show some interest in the contents. Instead, you find them fixated on the cardboard container. Sound familiar? 

This endearing behavior leaves many cat owners wondering, why do cats love boxes? Well, it's time to let this cat out of the box and delve into the science behind cats and boxes.

The Theory Behind the Box Infatuation

From a scientific perspective, boxes tap into a cat’s basic instincts. The enclosed space provides a safe spot for them to observe their surroundings, a throwback to their hunting instincts. Boxes offer a perfect hideout where they can keep a watchful eye on their environment without being spotted themselves. It's their personal stakeout spot!

Not Just Comfort, It's About Stress Too

Another reason cats find boxes irresistible is linked to stress reduction. A study from the University of Utrecht found that boxes can significantly lower stress levels in cats, especially in unfamiliar settings. When feeling anxious or threatened, cats often seek out confined spaces where potential predators can't sneak up on them.

The Cardboard Factor

Ever noticed that your cat seems to prefer cardboard boxes over any other type? Cardboard has a unique ability to retain warmth, providing a cozy space that cats find irresistible. Plus, it serves as a perfect scratching surface that's gentler on feline paws than some other materials.

Tips for Cat Owners

Now that we understand why cats love boxes, how can we use this knowledge as cat owners? Simple! Leave a box or two around for your cat to explore. They can serve as cheap, effective, and recyclable toys. Also, if you're bringing a new cat home, give them a box to retreat to. It will help reduce their stress as they adjust to their new environment.


Whether it's due to their hunting instincts, desire for warmth, need for stress reduction, or just the sheer joy of a good scratch, cats find boxes irresistibly appealing. Understanding this behavior can make cat ownership even more rewarding and enjoyable. Plus, it provides an excuse to order more stuff online – for the boxes, of course!

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